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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to look into some practical ideas for the gentlemen for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you get your loved one something that will be really useful this year like asking yourself these questions to find perfect Valentine’s Day Glass Gifts!

Valentine’s Day Glass Gifts

  • How well have you listened to your spouse since last year at this time?
  • Did she mention any windows that need to be replaced?
  • Did she say anything to you about wishing she had solar screens?
  • Is your shower in a replaceable condition, and would she be just thrilled to have a new shower as a gift?
  • Is there a piece of furniture that could be preserved by having a custom glass top cut for it?
  • Has your patio door been hard to slide and could use a replacement?

Valentine’s Day Glass Gifts

Gentlemen, we understand that these are NOT your romantic, frilly, sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts!  But can you imagine your wife’s delight if you showed up with a bunch of flowers, perhaps some candy, and a card? Inside that card, it could say “I hired Billy Barton of Barton Glass to come by when you’re available to XXXX.”


Just choose one of the ideas in our list above! Or, if you have something else glass-related that might make a nice surprise to show how you love the little gal, call 214-708-7598. Or head over to our website and go to our Request Form, and Billy will get back to you as soon as possible!