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It’s 2018! Happy New Year! Here at Barton Glass in beautiful, downtown Wills Point, TX, we’ve been all about building a company where “trust, quality, fair pricing, and great service” are what we want our clients to think of when they think GLASS.

When we looked back over the last year and a half, Billy and I were both struck at all we’d accomplished in our company. We wanted to share it with you! Right now, we are the few….. and we are so proud!

What We Have Been Up To

  • We moved to Wills Point, in 2016, in order to have more room and provide faster service to our customers.

Strengthening Our Foundation in 2018

  • Billy and I bought a newer, more heavy-duty truck and modified the glass rack for a better fit
  • We worked with our suppliers on deliveries, resulting in a much faster turn around time.
  • We switched to new software for our payroll and bookkeeping systems, which streamlined the process and requires less time to process (once we got past the joys of setting it up, that is!)
  • Barton Glass hired a copywriter to help freshen up our website, work with us on writing blogs, and to generally help with other “things written.”
  • We utilized another experienced glazier to help with our bigger jobs and plan to keep him even busier in 2018.
  • We increased posts on Social Media, including local events. These helped us to increase calls to Billy and visits to our website.
  • Billy and I invested in advertising on our local radio station to promote our name here locally.

Strengthening Our Foundation in 2018

  • We sponsored Kennedy Long, Freshman, Forney High School Highsteppers Dance Team
  • In November, 2017, we partnered with Jamie Hovey, with JLH Virtual Services to boost our web presence, update social media, as well as help us with other items in our business.
  • We are currently putting in place a more convenient service for our customers. We’ll release the mystery in January, so stay tuned!

Overall, we like to think of 2017 as an abundant and fruitful year for us. Because of that, we are poised here at the beginning of 2018 to serve you so much better than before! If you’ve had glass work on your to-do list for a while, you can rest easy knowing that Billy’s here to provide high quality glass services in 2018.

You can call 214-708-7598 or go here to our Request Form, and Billy will get back to you soonest.